Youth Civil Participation Seminar (update)

New information about the Youth Civil participation seminar: New deadline: January 25th, 2006 Thanks to the increased contribution of the British Council the participant fee was canceled and we reimburse the full travel costs up to a certain amount.(more)
added Jan. 17th 2006


Students´ Forum 2000 is preparing the seventh annual NGO Market. The event will be held on April 25th 2006. The market is open to all NGOs regardless of their orientation. (more)
added Jan. 12th 2006

Youth Civil Participation Seminar

The Students' Forum 2000, the Association for International Affairs and the British Council are organizing a seminar about the problems and perspectives of Youth civil participation in Europe. (more)
added Dec. 15th 2005

Long Term Training Course

Long term course aimed at providing help for Easter European countries in development of a stable civic society environment. (more)
added Nov. 15th 2005


Countries in the Balkan, Middle Asia, Caucasus are in process of transformation towards democracy which should result in a potentially high involvement of citizen on the governing of the countries. Civic society is an origin and a way how this involvement can be realized but first a working, stable and diversified civic society environment must be present.

The countries of the Visegrad region, namely Czech republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland have worked their way thru this transformation period and they now posses fresh experience and know how about how to start and develop civil society, what mistakes are to be expected a how to avoid them.

Students Forum 2000 wants to use this know how and share it with young colleagues from transforming countries and help them to add their share to the building of a stable civic society environment and help to make the transition of these countries as fast and as smooth as possible.

In praxis the Students Forum 2000 will look for active young people in these countries who will be addressed to think about a suitable project which could be relevant for their environment.

If this project has a potential of realization and his founder fulfils some basic criteria of especially English knowledge, he or she will have the opportunity to travel to the Czech Republic for a two weeks long training to get skill and knowledge to further elaborate the project and be able to start it.

After these two weeks, a one year long realization period will follow. That will be the time when the participant should realize the project as good as possible. In every moment, the participant will have the possibility to ask The Students Forum or the Trainers from the Two Week course for advice.

After one year, the participant will attend another one week course, where he/she will resume and evaluate the project and experience and with the help of the trainers will work on its sustainability and especially will get training which will enable him/her to train other people back at home.

All knowledge, methods, experience and results of the LTTC will be transferred into the LTTC manual, which will be free available.