Youth Civil Participation Seminar (update)

New information about the Youth Civil participation seminar: New deadline: January 25th, 2006 Thanks to the increased contribution of the British Council the participant fee was canceled and we reimburse the full travel costs up to a certain amount.(more)
added Jan. 17th 2006


Students´ Forum 2000 is preparing the seventh annual NGO Market. The event will be held on April 25th 2006. The market is open to all NGOs regardless of their orientation. (more)
added Jan. 12th 2006

Youth Civil Participation Seminar

The Students' Forum 2000, the Association for International Affairs and the British Council are organizing a seminar about the problems and perspectives of Youth civil participation in Europe. (more)
added Dec. 15th 2005

Long Term Training Course

Long term course aimed at providing help for Easter European countries in development of a stable civic society environment. (more)
added Nov. 15th 2005


SF2000’s annual conferences are organized using different participative methods such as workshops, panel discussions, working groups, keynote speeches, question and answer sessions, round-tables, confrontation games and consensus building exercises.


Decentralized Activities are initiatives carried out by former SF2000 conference or Long Term Training Course participants back home on a grass root level. They aim to gap the bridge between practice and theory discussed at the annual conferences in Prague.

Examples of decentralized activities:


The SF2000 Initiative aims at expanding to include grass roots activities with the issues raised at the annual conferences. Therefore it organized in 2000 the first round of educational training program.

We see training youth leaders who are capable of organizing projects with an international, trans-national and global context as a priority. The aim of the LTTC Program is to enable participants to plan, carry out and evaluate a project within the framework and visions of SF2000.


The Study Session is SF2000’s newest initiative. It was held for the first time between the 6th and 12th December 2002, EYC Strasbourg, France with the title “Global Youth Work? Building from experience”.

The second Study Session “Civil Society and Youth Work: Trends and Challenges in a Globalizing World” took place in EYC Strasbourg between 19th and 26th March 2004.

The overall aims of this study session are to explore and discuss the changing concepts, forms and trends of civil society in a globalizing world including its impact on young people and youth work. Moreover, it will contribute the SF network to position itself and find inspiration for its future development.